This is the checkout page for a 6 Month UK Subscription.

  • £11.60 each month, billed monthly for 6 months. 
  • Free Storage Box with first pack
  • UK Only
  • You have the option below to pay an extra £1.95 each month and receive 3x monthly first class stamps ( to select this option, keep 'Pay Monthly' as one and increase quantity of Add x3 First Class Stamps to 1)
  • If you are ordering after the 10th date of the month, that Month's pack will have already been dispatched. You can choose to receive this month's pack too, straight away, by selecting 'Start Immediately'. This will add an additional £13.50 to your first payment, so your first payment will be higher, and this will be for this month's pack and next month's pack. Thereafter, your monthly payments will be £11.60, paid in advance of your box being dispatched. To order this, simply increase the quantity of 'Start Immediately' below to '1'. 
  • Cancellation fee of £10 applies if you need to cancel before the end of 6 months. 

If you experience any problems with this page, or you accidentally order the wrong thing, please just drop Rebecca an email at