We are passionate about ensuring that we do not negatively impact upon our fragile world, and have been doing our best to keep our footprint to a minimum since we started producing our cards in 2013. This page is dedicated to keeping our customers and clients informed about our environmental commitments.

As a business selling a physical product, we feel strongly that we must offset any damage that we cause in the creation of a physical item. However, we also feel passionately that the art of the written letter and card is a practice that enriches the lives of many and that emails and texts should not blindly replace written communication in the name of being eco-friendly.

Instead, we strive to offer a balance of both: we advocate the mindful consumption of cherished cards and art prints, with the promise that it has been created in the most planet-friendly way we can find, and that we have replaced all (and more) that we have taken from the planet.


Card & Paper

All of our cardstock is entirely sourced from forests planted in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)’s sustainability guidelines, and the supplier is fully committed to reducing emissions whilst maintaining a beautifully high quality of card. Our cards are also uncoated and therefore fully recyclable, though we hope that many will be cherished for many years.

All of the envelopes and mailers we use are 100% recycled and recyclable.


At the beginning of 2018 we began to gradually reduce the amount of plastic we use for our packaging and we are now proud to state that every single card we send out for online orders is completely plastic free. As an alternative, we use an all-natural wax paper which has the combined effect of looking lovely and repelling any moisture that the card might meet on the way. Wax paper is biodegradable but not recyclable so we suggest that you instead find a way to re-use it if possible. Here are some fun ideas:

• use it to wrap sweets or other small items as gifts
• use it in craft projects
• it be used in the same way as tracing paper due to its semi-transparent quality
• use it to protect photographs or other precious paper memories

If you would prefer that we use absolutely no packaging at all with your order we are always happy to accommodate this. Very occasionally a lack of packaging can lead to items arriving damaged, but wherever this happens we will replace it immediately. Although this may appear wasteful, it happens so scarcely (and no more than it used to) that we are very confident that going ‘no plastic’ is the best option environmentally.


We’re also making two new and exciting pledges to give back to the planet.

First, we pledge to plant twice as many trees as we use as a business each year through the Woodland Trust ‘plant a tree’ initiative.

Secondly, we are working on a special edition print, from which all profits will go towards planting Wildflower meadows across the U.K. with Plant Life’s ‘making meadows’ scheme. 🍃